The Cuffie Law Firm – Severe Brain Injury – Birth Injury – Burns

By concentrating our practice on the most severe car wreck, truck accident, and medical malpractice cases, the Atlanta serious injury lawyers at The Cuffie Law Firm have seen probably more than our share of physical pain and suffering. We realize that every one of our seriously injured clients has not only seen but lived through more than their fair share, as well.

We’ve also witnessed the courage that our clients display as they work hard for their own recovery and the value of the support of their families as they struggle to adapt to the new realities that a permanent or disabling injury can cause. We draw our own strength from the examples our clients provide us every day. With that inspiration, our skilled attorneys work as hard as possible to make sure that our clients recover as much as possible in every serious accident case we’re entrusted with. To learn more about what our experience has meant to our client service commitment, contact the traumatic brain injury attorneys at the Cuffie Law Firm in Atlanta.

Atlanta Serious Personal Injury Attorneys

Over 25 years, we’ve developed significant experience and achieved remarkable results for our clients in Fulton County and surrounding areas who have suffered serious injuries such as:

>Traumatic brain injury or closed head wounds

>Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy caused by because of negligence in the delivery room

>Spinal cord injury, neck injury and CNS damage

>Paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia

>Severe burns caused by fire, explosion, or electrocution

>Multiple fractures, including those to the skull, spine, or pelvis, requiring unusually long recovery periods

>Psychological consequences, such as severe depression or post-traumatic stress disorder

From car accidents to construction accidents and dangerous products, the experience and attention to detail that our Atlanta serious injury lawyers bring to their work can protect you from attractive but insufficient settlement offers. In the most severe cases, a proper calculation of your damages must include the expenses involved in years of physical rehabilitation, multiple surgeries, and long-term or even lifelong nursing assistance as well as years of lost wages.

Ensuring Compensation for Today and Tomorrow

While early settlement offers in cases like these can be very large, we’ll work closely with you to make sure that all of your needs will be covered given the realities you might be facing for years to come. If we can’t negotiate an offer sufficient to cover these needs, we’re always ready to take a serious injury case to court.

For additional information about our ability to meet your family’s needs on a serious injury claim, contact the serious injury lawyers at the Cuffie Law Firm in Atlanta.