Amadou Diallo Foundation’s First Annual Benefit Dinner

Michael Melton will be the Keynote Speaker at the Amadou Diallo Foundation’s First Annual Benefit Dinner on February 4, 2016 @6:30PM

Alhambra Ballroom
2116 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd
Harlem, NY 10027

For more information please visit or Call Kennedy at (201)774-2818


Tickets must be purchased at time of RSVP. Tickets cannot be purchased at door.

The Amadou Diallo Foundation is a non profit charitable organization. All donations are 501(c)3 Tax Deductible.

Are Nationwide Protests Against Police Brutality And Violence Making A Difference? | News One

This past weekend protesters took to the streets for a national Day of Resistance for Americans to show solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter#ICantBreathe and #HandsUpDontShoot movements.

On Monday, Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now,” and the Straight Talk panel (featuring Rev. Carlton LeeErika Totten and Michael Melton)  discuss the build up of resentment of how police have conducted themselves in the wake of the recent police shootings, what effect the protests are having and if the protests are leading to change in this country.

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